Random, colourful, hectic, crazy

My life is random, colourful, hectic, crazy.

If you know me you would know that I have so many projects going on at once it’s hard to believe that a brain can keep up with it all. I have come to the realisation that my brain is wired a little differently to most others, and I LOVE it!!

At school a students are encouraged to be ‘all-rounders’ they even have awards for students in Year 12 for the best ‘All Rounder Student’. But once we leave school this ability to be an ‘all-rounder’ is frowned upon or these people are seen as being lost or un-focused. Because someone doesn’t what to spend their entire life doing one thing or specialising in one field does not mean they are not focused. Barbara Shercalls some people with this ‘all-rounder’ personality a Scanner, but are their different levels of being a scanner?

Very rarely do I meet another person with the same personality type as me, I can honestly say I have only met two. This has meant over the years I have had to develop the ability to blend in to whatever social situation or environment I am in. A Good friend, Olivia Gubbins has observed me in many different environments and calls me a Chameleon, which I guess is very true. There is no situation that I am afraid to be in and no topic that I am not willing to talk about.

Random, colourful, hectic, crazy

For years, I felt that my desire to do so many things, be creative and be active in different industries was bad, people making me feel as though I had to pick an area and stay with it. I always questioned this, why? Why the hell do I have to do what others expect me to, I am not going to be ‘pigeon holed’. My ability to be so diverse freaks people out completely, and when something scares people they tend not to like it, so to like me they needed me to be ‘normal’.

Over the past 4 years I have embraced myself and allowed myself to just be me, I’m extremely lucky to have a husband who supports and loves me for exactly who I am. No matter how random, colourful, hectic, crazy I get he simply loves and supports me.

As you are reading my blogs you will notice how different the things I do can be, flipping from glamor to dirt and mud in less than 10 min. I love my ability to flip and change, adapting to new situations is a challenge that I enjoy.

Who knows what I will blog about, I’m going to share my stories, because I know that there are others out there like me that want to be their own random, colourful, hectic, crazy self but have locket parts of themselves away to fit in to society. But please don’t, be whoever you want to be.


All opinions and views on this website are my own,

Thank you, Leila McDougall