Lyle and Lil

Lyle and Lil

Lalbert, VIC.

Meeting someone for the first time is always a daunting experience, not knowing what to expect or what you are simply going to talk about. I rang Lyle yesterday after receiving his contact details off a mutual friend and arranged to head to his farm and chat with him about his farm and his story.

I’m not going to lie, when we drove in it looked quite a mess and the first house we went to was deserted and looked as though no one had been living in it for quite some time. We found the correct house after calling Lyle, and he said “it’s a bit of a mess, you will just have to take us as you see us”. Not knowing what he meant by that we drove on up to his house.

Making us feel right at home, Lyle invited us inside and his beautiful wife Lil offering us a cup of tea straight away. Vincent (my 2-year-old son) B-lined it straight for the box of toys in the lounge room, I was calling him back but Lil insisted that he was fine and was not a problem. My daughter Vivian who is 1 also crawled around on the floor as we sat and chatted.

Lyle told me a few stories about his time living and working on the land and I can assure you it hasn’t always been an easy road for him. He lost his father what he was 17, he natural took on the role of looking after and working on the farm and has been doing so up until this day.

Last December (Dec 2017) a huge lightning and wind storm, basically a cyclone blew through his property, destroying everything in its path. He explained that was the reason for the mess, the wind had blown down sheds, trees and moved silos. Lyle really couldn’t understand how the house survived, but is grateful it did. Lyle is in his 60’s and doesn’t have anyone on the farm o help him so cleaning up after the storm has been challenging.

Lyle is a very resourceful man and can make do with what he has, his understanding of machinery and how to fix it is truly incredible. The passion he had in his voice when telling stories really show his love and connection to the farm he grew up on and now runs. He really appreciates what others have done in their life as well, showing us books on adventures other Australians had embarked on, and his amazement in their achievements.

Before I met Lyle and his Lil I was told that they were a very kind and selfless couple, always putting others needs before their own. This was so evident after only chatting with them for 10 minutes. They made us sandwiches for lunch, which we were extremely grateful for, Lyle being the typical older country man was concerned we were not eating enough and kept offering us more food and then dissert.

As I sat there watching Lyle and his Lil I could see their love for on another, which prompted me to ask how they met.

“Well! it took me until I was 33 to find her” Lyle said. “and she only lived up the road….. I had heard about her and I had always wanted to meet her, so one day I just went up to her house and knocked on the door”.

“When he came to the door I told mum to tell him I wasn’t home, because I was living with her at the time. I felt bad afterwards so I decided to call him on the phone’. Said Lil.

“that’s the car I took her out in on our first date”. Said Lyle, pointing to a photo of a car up on the wall.

“We got marries in 1987 and the rest is history, as they say” said Lil.

After 30 years, they still love one another deeply, it made me smile from the inside out, it was beautiful.

Lyle said “I just love being around her, we think it’s very important to do things together, I just can’t wait to get home to her each day, she looks after me. Having each other is what has got us through, sometimes I have felt like walking away from the farm and that my whole life has been pointless, but she gets me through”.

It shocked me that a man in his 60’s would say he felt his life was pointless at times. Because every farmer is extremely important in the survival of mankind and should never feel that way, they are making one of the biggest contributions on earth.

Hearing about the situations Lyle and Lil have been in and still are in really has not made their life easy, but they continue to push through and help those around them.

Lyle and Lil truly are amazing and generous people, they are a team and get through lifes challenges together. They put others first and will always say others are worse off than them, which has not always been the case. I will stay in touch with these beautiful people as they have touch my heart and I have fallen in love with them.

I apologise for any spelling and grammar errors, I am Dyslexic.

Thanks Leila

Vincent and I with Lyle's old Dozer. (Aug 2018)


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