John Porter - Hay NSW

Driving around John’s farm with him and feeding sheep was eye opening, he is starting to feel the pinch with the drought and is off loading stock. He has been building up generics in his sheep for the past 5 years and now is faced with working out which are the best to keep. He is also in a sticky situation with his cattle, he is locked in to a contract with a feed lot and can’t sell them. Having to keep them until the contracting company is ready to take them is going to be an expensive process. The contract that john made outlines that the cattle must be of a certain weight, so he has to keep growing them out to hit the weight requirements.

John is involved in his local community on many levels, but his main love is rugby. Playing for the ‘Hay Cutter’ he is hoping that he and his team can win the flag this year. He said ‘I’m starting to get old so this may be my last year…… I really will miss it’. He won’t disappear from the club completely once he retires, I’m sure it won’t take much to get him to play the odd game or go along to training to observe the teams scope while having a beer.

John is a genuine man, and it was so generous of him to take the time to show us around his farm. John is optimistic for the future of his farm and knows that farming does entail its hard times. He is set to get married next March and knows that he will be living out his days with his wife on the land.


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