I Can't Sit And Do Nothing - The Idea

I watched a clip on facebook the other night and it brought me to tears, I laid in bed sobbing and thinking about what hell farmers and their communities must be going through up north. What thoughts are running through their minds, they must be feeling so desperate but yet have no idea where to turn for help. I wish I could help!

‘What can I do, I’m one person I can’t change the weather and make it rain, although I wish I could. I have $1000 in my bank account, that’s not even have enough money to feed a mob of cattle for a couple of days’.

Lying in bed unable to sleep or switch my brain off, the thought kept running around in my head, ‘You can’t just sit back and do nothing, you have to help Leila. But how?

Link to the poem I listened to:

All I have to offer is myself, I have my hands and my voice!

I have decided to pack up my horse truck and kids and head off on a journey to capture what is actually happening in drought stricken Australia. I’m going to expose urban people to the harsh realities that are happening in their own back yard. I’m going to make the Australian Government help and show them that they are spending OUR money in the wrong places. Our farmers NEED support, without them we basically don’t have one of the recourses that is essential to the survival of mankind………….. FOOD!

I don’t care what community you come from or what religion or life style you identify yourself with. There is one thing that all HUMANS cannot live without, and that is food.

I have no idea what is going to become of this trip, if anything I just hope that I can make all Australians see the importance of helping our Aussie Farmers. So if you somehow stumble across my website and blog, please share it. If we can somehow generate enough publicity, we may be able to get the government to stop and help and spend money in the right places. If we can get out own Australian population to come together and support our Aussie Farmers we may just be able to save our own economy, because without farmers we are capoot!


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Thank you, Leila McDougall