Ben Egan - Warren, NSW

We dropped in to see Ben, his wife Ell and daughter Annabelle and we were welcomed with open arms. Driving around the property with Ben and listening to his love for his life on the land was heart-warming. He knows they are faced with harsh times and that life isn’t going to be easy for the next year or two, but his optimism is inspiring.

As we drove around the property the number of kangaroos bounding across the paddocks were mind boggling, I had never seen anything like it. The kangaroos have come from everywhere, there were red ones, brown ones, grey ones, every breed of kangaroo you can think of, it was there. Looking at the areas of failed crop they had eaten out showed how much they are capable of eating in just a few days.

Ben has just started his de-stocking program and is prepared to cut his numbers right back, knowing that it will take years to regenerate the numbers again. It’s important to remember that it is not just those with live stock that are doing it tough in this drought, those that have crops are faced with huge financial pressure. Putting in one crop can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and to make no return off that crop is money just down the drain.

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