Meet all the horses at Yeronga

Lilly is a Clydesdale Cross Horse with for white socks and a full white blaze. She is very adventures and always tries her hardest to do her very best. Lilly loves a challenge and problem solving, because she knows that she will always learn new skills and make new friends along the way. 


Toffee is a chestnut or dun coloured Shetland Pony (depending on what time of year it is). Toffee can be very cheeky and is always thinking about food. He often escapes from his paddock to get to green grass or steel other horses food. Although Toffee is cheeky he is a very kind pony and will always help others when they are feeling down and make them laugh with his jokes. Toffee is very nosey and always has to know what is happening at Yeronga, he believes he is the security guard.  


Gun is a grey thoroughbred who has retired from racing due to not being very fast. He is very friendly and will hang out with everyone and has a gentle personality. He doesn’t like to do hard work making him a bit lazy. Gun gets frightened of loud noises and spooky bushes, which causes him to freeze and tremble. He does not like to be along and will always be the horse that joins in with being naught just because everyone else is doing it. 


Belle is a goodie two shoes, she is a perfectionist who focuses on doing her best at every task she is given. Belle is not the most affectionate horse and loves her personal space, giving those that enter her space an evil glare. Because Belle is good at everything she does she is very good at showing and helping others to master a task. Belle follows the rules and believes everyone should follow them, if rules are broken Belle is very quick to take action.




Patchy is the wise old pony that has seen it all. He is the one that all the horse go to for advice and a chat. He is a very relaxed old horse that nothing fazes, is life experiences have made him this way. If one of the other horses is worried or scared Patchy is always there to help them through it and build their confidence. 

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