Support Aussie Farmers

By Leila McDougall 

I am setting off on a trip around Australia with my two children (aged 1 and 2) and Cristina to create a documentary called ‘Exposes the Back Bone of Australia’. The documentary will show the true realities of what it takes to be an Aussie Farmer in harsh times as well as how rewarding it is when things are good.  The goal is to bring to light to and expose all Australians to how amazing Rural Australia is and how incredible the people are that live in these areas. 


Over the duration of this trip I will be interviewing farmers, transport companies, agricultural agencies, farming communities, farm workers and anyone who is connected to Agriculture and Farming Communities.  I will be bringing attention to the current drought in areas that are effected and are in need of assistance. I also want to show case the sense of community in country Australia and how resilient people are in these times. I will be doing stories on those that are doing amazing things to support Farming Australia.  

Exposing the back bone

We hit the road on the 6th August

Exposing people all around Australia to the amazing as well as the harsh realities our Aussie Farmers are facing every day. 

Farming Australia is an fantastic place to live and people that never experience it are missing out. I am on a mission to show everyone how lucky Rural Australians are.  

Every farm  and farming community is different and the people that make up these communities have amazing stories and talents. 

Across Australia we have farms of all sizes and the structure of each farming business varies. Taking the time to get to know a farmer and what they do to provide the world with food is one step closer to bridging the gap between urban and farming communities.  

If you have a story you would like to share with us please join our chat or send me us an email. If you are doing something great in your community or you know someone who is doing their darnedest to help out our their community or our Aussie farmers please let us know. Positive stories can be just as powerful. 

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Thank you, Leila McDougall