All About Me

Leila McDougall

Hi I’m Leila and I’m a country girl that has an obsession with horses, in fact I own 10. I compete in western cowhorse, showjumping, dressage and even medieval combat riding. my husband and I own and operate a 3500-acer farm in the Western Districts of Victoria, where we are also raising our two children.

I have worked as a fashion designer and I still love to sew and create clothing in my studio on the farm. I now work as a secondary school teacher where I teach, Wood, Metal, Food and Textiles my classes are pure creative chaos. 

I am someone who likes to keep life interesting and experience as much as I can. I want a life full of stories and adventures I can one day tell the grandchildren. I have run for parliament, written and published a children’s book, founded a charity that supports mental health, been Mrs Australia, been the owner and editor of a magazine, worked on a cattle station, been on farmer wants a wife, worked as a bar tender in Coffs Harbour and been surfing with Layne Beachley. Oh, and I can’t forget my first job out of high school where I was a chicken sexer. 

Life is too short to wonder, so make things happen and when you do make sure you give it your all. 

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